New beginnings

Beautiful flowers from a beautiful friend.

Beautiful flowers from a beautiful friend.

At this point, I’d be surprised if people were checking in to see what’s up at Restoring Design. I could sit here and list my excuses for not posting lately, but I’d rather  suck it up, admit temporary defeat, and now write about what’s new. 🙂

On Jan 16th, we finally moved into our new home! For those following the blog, you may recall that we lived in a charming little apartment fit for Mini Mouse and her little friends. The size of our previous dwelling space is analogous to the size of a European serving of cake: shockingly small. Our guests had the same reaction as Americans do when they’re served a delicious tart: “This is great, but why sooooo tiny??!!” All “funnies” aside, I must add that I loved our life in that little shoebox with all its ups and downs, and I felt a hint of melancholy while closing it up for the last time. Life has taught me that happiness cannot be measured in square-meters. True happiness can only be found in that which transcends the earthly, i.e., Joy that springs forth from a heart that has experienced restoration with a glorious God. Lately I have been reminded of the familiar words “Where your treasure is, there your heart is also.”

My prayer is that our new home will be a place where the Spirit of our Lord Jesus Christ will rest, and a blessing to all who visit us.

P.S Stay tuned, ideas are in the making.

With Love,



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