New beginnings

Beautiful flowers from a beautiful friend.

Beautiful flowers from a beautiful friend.

At this point, I’d be surprised if people were checking in to see what’s up at Restoring Design. I could sit here and list my excuses for not posting lately, but I’d rather ¬†suck it up, admit temporary defeat, and now write about what’s new. ūüôā

On Jan 16th, we finally moved into our new home! For those following the blog, you may recall that we lived in a charming little apartment fit for Mini Mouse and her little friends. The size of our previous dwelling space is analogous to the size of a European serving of cake: shockingly small. Our guests had the same reaction as Americans do when they’re served a delicious tart: “This is great, but why sooooo tiny??!!” All “funnies” aside, I must add that I loved our life in that little shoebox with all its ups and downs, and I felt a hint of melancholy while closing it up for the last time. Life has taught me that happiness cannot be measured in square-meters. True happiness can only be found in that which transcends the earthly, i.e., Joy that springs forth from a heart that has experienced restoration with a glorious God. Lately I have been reminded of the familiar words “Where your treasure is, there your heart is also.”

My prayer is that our new home will be a place where the Spirit of our Lord Jesus Christ will rest, and a blessing to all who visit us.

P.S Stay tuned, ideas are in the making.

With Love,



New Centerpiece Idea for Dining Room Table

Flowers are spectacular. They’re fun and they add color to¬†any space of your choosing. But I think they look the best when featured as a¬†centerpiece on a dining room table. That’s why I love to fill my tall, cylinder glass vase with an assortment personal favorites such as tulips, classic roses, or spectacular orange lilies like the ones posted above. The downside: the dent they make in my wallet and their short lives (one week tops!). This made me think of other things I could fill my vase with that would be just as eye-catching and fun as my flowers. I think I found something that won’t decay after a few days in the limelight. Hurra!

One Sunday afternoon my hubby and I were enjoying lunch with a couple who just bought a fish tank. As they were telling us about their new roommates (little fishes), one particular roommate somehow managed to swim its way into my memory box. The fish, which now lives in my brain, is¬†not only eye-catching but requires as little maintenance as a beautiful bouquet of flowers. So, who is this little booger? It’s the Japanese Fighting Fish, of course!

The vibrant purple and maroon colors on this fish compliment the glass crystals that my glass cylinder already possesses. And the good news is that I only need one fish to keep it simple and interesting. Besides, if I add another, there will be war! Further, this fish enjoys swimming up and down so it’s a win-win. Think about it: you provide a vertical swimming pool for your dining table “star” and a little entertainment for your guests. Luckily, Norway’s larges fish store is only a five minute walk away from where we live. Let me know what you think. Is this a go or a no-go? (Below is a “bottle” version of what I have in mind. I will be using a tall vase.)

Always with love,