Gift wrapping ideas – Easter Theme

Easter Blessing

Easter Blessing

I love to bless people with little gifts that say “I know you”. Gifts definitely speak the language of love. I think we all agree that gifts are great, but that doesn’t mean that you care about the wrapping. Fair enough..but there are people who do—and I happen to be one of those people. I simply can’t help being thrilled when something looks too good to open! That’s why I thought I’d do a monthly gift wrapping idea on the blog.

Why monthly? Well, let me tell you about my latest epiphany:

Christmas has a  sneaky way of appearing on my calendar every year in December, and before I can spell Charitable backwards, I realize that need to win the lottery in order to stay above water! Sadly, I wasn’t able to bless all the people that I love this year, and that’s just a huge bummer. So this year I’ll tackle the problem by doing my Christmas shopping all year-round (hence the monthly gift wrapping post). Voila! I’ll be finished by December! Maybe I can even be one of those people who offer a sympathetic look to the stressed out crowd. We’ll see;)

1) Ordinary brown paper

IMG_64552) An old woolen beltIMG_6457

3) Prettier already..IMG_6458


I used my gel pens for the background because they are super easy to work with. Then I used acrylic paint for the dots. You simply apply the dots with a toothpick.



And there ya go! Simple. Need ideas? Come back for more!

With love,



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