What are your top 10 excuses—or, shall I say—sensible reasons for baking a cake on an ordinary day? I have realized two things today: (1) Summer is coming to an end here in Oslo, and (2.) Summer is way underappreciated. Based on two simple facts, I have deemed sunny days worthy of massive cake consumption. Maybe it’s because I’m Scandinavian? Nah… I’ll make up any excuse to eat cake and drink coffee with friends and family!

Well, I did my research and found the perfect chocolate cake. It takes me a little while to compare recipes online but it always pays off when I do. The trick is to decide what you’re making, tab all your findings, and then start comparing ingredients while noting down what you think is vital for creating a sensational cake. For some reason I always end up incorporating ingredients from other recipes. I call it “the merge of baking.”My hubby and I finished this delight in a day and a half. The recipe was one of the top 10 winners in a “Norwegian chocolate cake bake-off.” The recipe can be found here. My secret “merge” move was to add some apricot jam. I simply let my layers soak up hot apricot jam before icing the cake. It makes for a very moist and super delicious treat!